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Battleground Punjab: Voting begins in crucial by-election

  Battleground Punjab: Voting begins in crucial by-election Punjab by-elections 2022. By-polls on 20 seats of Punjab Assembly taking place a...


Battleground Punjab: Voting begins in crucial by-election

Punjab by-elections 2022. By-polls on 20 seats of Punjab Assembly taking place after ECP de-seated PTI MPAs for defection. The result will decide whether PTI or PML-N gets to install the CM of their choice, which could also effect federal govt. Both parties campaigned heavily, with Imran leading PTI’s campaign and Maryam PML-N’s, A breakdown of PP-272 Muzaffargarh-V, Polling has begun in Muzaffargarh's PP-272 constituency. The top contenders are PML-N's Syeda Zehra Basit Bukhari and PTI's Moazzam Ali Khan. Registered voters in the constituency total 203,567 — 111,459 male and 92,108 female. One-hundred-thirty-eight polling stations have been set up, 38 for males, an equal number for females and 58 combined. Four polling stations have been declared as "highly sensitive" and 43 as "sensitive". In Muzaffargarh's PP-272 and 273, 2,800 police personnel have been deployed for security.

Keep in mind ‘dark days’ of Imran’s era when voting: PM Shehbaz, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged voters to keep in mind the “four years of corruption, incompetence, economic destruction, facilitation and patronage of mafias” and the “destruction created in the name of tabdeeli under the “dark era” of the former Imran Khan government. “Punjab was subjected to the worst governance for four years. Citizens were deprived of free medicines and students were deprived of scholarships,” he said in a series of tweets. “Government posts and transfers were openly bought and sold. The state of civic facilities deteriorated and lawlessness was on the rise. The condition of Punjab is no less than an insult to the people of Punjab,” he added. Speaking to voters directly, he said: “Your vote is your power. Reject the politics of chaos, hatred and division with this power. One person’s ego, style of politics and incompetence have ruined the beauty of our society. Cast your vote for national development and the bright future of your children. I have full faith in your power of choice.”

All eyes on Punjab as voting begins. Voting for by-elections on 20 provincial seats in Punjab has begun. The process will continue till 5pm without any breaks. According to Radio Pakistan, the Election Commission of Pakistan has established 3,131 polling stations in the 20 constituencies. Of these, 676 have been declared "highly sensitive" while 1,194 have been declared "sensitive".

A special monitoring cell has also been established at the Ministry of Interior to ensure law and order, the report added. Asad Umar urges people to 'get out and vote'. PTI's Asad Umar has urged voters living in the 20 constituencies to vote for "haqeeqi azadi (true freedom)" when voting began.

D-Day to decide who will rule Punjab. The Sharifs’ Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) are both bracing for a high-stakes provincial assembly election on 20 seats on Sunday (today), as political pundits declare the contest a matter of ‘life and death’ for both major competitors who practically have their political futures in the province on the line.

Law enforcement agencies, including the army, have been placed on alert to avert any violence, especially in five of the 20 constituencies — four in Lahore and one in Multan. Govt decides to ban 'miscreant elements' from constituencies. A meeting under Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has decided — on the basis of intelligence reports — to ban the entry of “miscreant elements” into certain constituencies. The participants reviewed reports that at least 300 armed men have been brought from Gujrat to Lahore to disrupt peace during the by-polls. They decided to take pre-emptive measures to ensure that such armed persons cannot affect the law and order situation during the elections. Control room set up in Rawalpindi's PP-7 constituency. A control room has been established at the district level to monitor the by-elections for the Punjab Assembly seat (PP-7) of Kahuta-Kallar Syedan. Moreover, special security personnel have been deployed in 76 polling stations that have been categorised as ‘sensitive’. More than 4,000 officers and personnel willl be deployed in the 266 polling stations. Moreover, 600 policewomen will also be on duty.

676 polling stations declared highly sensitive. The ECP has declared 676 polling stations highly sensitive and has deployed extra forces of the Rangers and police there to ensure a peaceful polling process. Punjab Election Commissioner Saeed Gul told reporters on Friday that at least 3,131 polling stations were being set up in the 20 constituencies and 676 of these were highly sensitive and 1,194 sensitive. CCTV cameras were being installed at the highly sensitive and sensitive polling stations, while extra personnel of Punjab Rangers and police would also be deployed, he added. The army will be on stand-by.

Sheikh Rashid urges establishment to 'stay away' from by-polls. Former interior minister and Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid on Saturday asked the "establishment" to "stay away" from the upcoming by-polls in Punjab and prove their "impartiality".

Yasmin demands ECP act on voters’ lists complaints. PTI's Dr Yasmin Rashid has demanded the ECP to fulfil its duties by acting on her evidence-supported complaint about the unprecedented increase in voters in two union councils of PP-167 as well as the removal of votes from the voters’ lists. Speaking at a press conference in Lahore on Friday, Dr Rashid said the election commissioner replied that it was the mistake of Nadra to declare millions of people dead. She said she had also presented a petition before the election commission that polling agents belonging to other constituencies should be allowed to be deputed. She said it took nine days to pursue the commission and eventually the high court admonished the election commissioner to allow deputing polling agents from other constituencies.

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